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117. Mr. Ibrahim Abdul Mugis, Ghana, mugisibrahim@yahoo.com 

*Delegates who are required to obtain a visa when entering Philippines are advised to get their visa first before paying the registration fee. We will set a separate deadline for you. 

* We strongly advised all participants from the same country to contact each other so you can arrive as a  group. You may add the facebook of the 1st ICDPV so you may get to know all the participants : http://www.facebook.com/pages/1st-Inter-Civilization-Dialogue-on-Youth-Volunteerism/323076914390697" 

* For those people who aren’t able to pay their registration fee they will be given until May 14 to settle it. If you can't pay until May 14 you need to BOOK your plane ticket.Otherwise we will give your slot to those who are waitlisted. As of the moment, we cannot offer any financial help to anyone but in the upcoming conferences maybe we can. If you do not reply to this email we will think that you are not interested to join the program anymore. 



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    May 2012